Give Your Old Gloves New Life

Give Your Old Gloves New Life

Visit Sorrentino's Sports Center for glove relacing

Your baseball gloves are more than just equipment or part of your uniform. You've taken the time to break them in. Buying new gloves to replace them means breaking them in all over again. Routine relacing doesn't just save you money, but it also means you can keep using the gloves you love.

Sorrentino's Sports Center provides relacing for your gloves so you don't have to try doing it yourself. Our staff is trained and experienced, so all lacing will be done properly. Relacing your gloves will keep you playing your best.

Refresh your gloves and play better

There's no need to throw out those old baseball gloves just because they've lost their tightness and shape. Sorrentino's glove relacing services can make your gloves feel good as new.

Here are a few reasons to have your gloves relaced at Sorrentino's Sports Center:

  • You can play your best game because your gloves will be laced properly.
  • You won't have to take the time and energy to break in new gloves.
  • You can preserve the memory of your favorite glove by keeping it in good shape and looking great.

Stop by today and ask our staff about glove relacing.